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WWF makes fundraising easier

Background:WWF Switzerland had a need for an improved online fundraising platform.  The previous platform was called “Get Active” and had a number of challenges for visitors to the website. These difficulties included cumbersome navigation to the donation pages, complex donation forms which were not tailored to suit the application, and no clear demarcation between informative content and fundraising sections; content-rich pages detracted from the financial donation site. 
WWF Switzerland’s brief to getunik was: “Make us a modern, marketable and streamlined online platform for raising funds.” 

Implementation: As a digital agency specialising in fundraising, getunik developed a new concept and design for WWF Switzerland’s online fundraising platform in order to re-launch the company with an updated vision and new content.

The platform is based on the Content Management System (CMS) Drupal, which the WWF can use for many purposes and which allows for editorial autonomy. getunik integrates the RaiseNow donation widgets seamlessly into the CMS so that information such as the donation aim and amount can be transferred directly from Drupal directly to the widgets. The donation widget in turn sends this information to WWF Switzerland’s Customer Relationship Management «funtrade».

getunik has worked with a communication agency and WWF Switzerland, among others, to prepare new content with a focus on the donor. Responsive design with optimal usability provides these donors with a pleasant experience on all devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones.


Optimised user experience

From campaign pages to topic pages, donation pages to the checkout with a customised thank you page, donors are now better supported in their fundraising decisions and can navigate the process more efficiently. The new online fundraising platform adds to the donation experience by combining meaningful pictures and emotive stories about various animal species. Streamlined pages, focused content and seamless checkout integration developed by getunik enables users to enjoy the donation experience and gain personal satisfaction from their actions.

Gregor Nilsson, head of online activities at WWF Switzerland said, “Thanks to the experience and expertise of getunik, we were able to implement this complex project successfully. Teamwork, good communication and clearly-defined targets were, of course, essential in order to do so. Further optimisation projects have been planned with getunik for the near future, and we look forward to more successful collaboration.”



Designed for donors

Stefan Schefer, project manager at getunik said, “Every donor can now find exactly what he is looking for on the new platform. This was an important aspect of the design as we realised that people visit the website with different intentions and requirements. From arriving on the site, we provide visitors with an overview of all the WWF fundraising projects and enable them to choose whether they make a quick donation via SMS, donate for a selected animal or specific habitat, or become a member of the organisation. It was and still is an inspiring project that will encourage many potential donors to support WWF Switzerland.


Excellent and effective

We are pleased with the gold and the two bronze awards at Best of Swiss Web Award! But more importantly for us, that the fundraising portal has led to a sharp increase in transactions and the total donations.

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