Pro Infirmis

Pro Infirmis accepts donations via Facebook

The Facebook donation extension allows Facebook users to donate quickly and easily by SMS.


A new website leads Helvetas into a new era

Teasers in the header highlight important topics. For some Helvetas topics (e.g. water), dossiers were prepared that are instructive and informative without being boring. The new website is complemented by a shop and comprehensive e-mail marketing activities.

Terre des hommes

Easy Web for terre des hommes Switzerland

After the relaunch, the number of visitors increased by more than 50 percent and the online donation volume nearly doubled over the last 12 months.

wwf footprint

New WWF website with Footprint Calculator

The website of WWF Switzerland just kept on growing. We prepared a new concept in order to keep it user-friendly even with this wealth of information.


Relaunch of the Octapharma Website

The customer Octapharma had an ambitious timeframe in mind: kick-off meeting in September of 2013, go-live in January of 2014.

Plan Schweiz

Plan Schweiz «Because I'm a girl» campaign website

Clear visual language highlights the theme. Articles and graphics provide information about the importance of supporting girls and show why help is urgently needed.

srk sponsorship

Effective SRK sponsorship

A microsite was designed and implemented in order to present current projects even more effectively. Information on the respective projects shows how a sponsorship can help.


Enjoying sustainable sushi with the WWF Advisor

One of the most successful apps in the Swiss App Store! Living with awareness, acting sustainably – doing good for yourself and our planet.