Face2Face Fundraising

Face2Face is expensive – We show you how it pays off

Face2Face Campaigning is one of the most intensive and interactive forms of recruiting new donors. But the development and implementation is expensive and time-consuming. And not every contact generated at the stand converts to a donor. To make your investment pay off, it is important that you send the right message. Then, with the help of Marketing Automation, successively bind the donors to the organisation and make contact with them. We will show you how this is possible using three case studies.

Use Case 1: Better binding of permanent donors

Congratulations! If you have managed to convert a contact from the street directly to a permanent donor, you have already succeeded in the most demanding part. Now it is important that you bind the person to your organisation. With Marketing Automation you can accompany the person individually in an automated journey from the first touch point to the debiting of the account. In this way you can ensure that in the short, medium and long term fewer payments are cancelled.

Use Case 2: Upgrading one-time donors

Thanks to mobile payment terminals, credit card collections can now be made directly on the street. This is perfect for generating one-time donations! Your goal must now be to get these people to make a permanent donation. Marketing Automation enables you to do just that: Through an individual Donor Journey, including print mailings from the automation, you can turn first-time donors into long-term donors.

Use Case 3: Convert Leads

About 90-95% of the calls on the street are without conclusion. However, you can increase your success by lowering the inhibition threshold. For example, ask the person you are talking to, to sign a petition. With the help of Marketing Automation, you can convert these contacts (leads) into donors in a subsequent individualised journey.

Through the combination of Face2Face fundraising and marketing automation, you can turn interested parties into donors, bind one-time donors to your organization permanently and reduce the cancellation rate of permanent donors. With relatively small investments you can significantly increase the effectiveness of Face2Face campaigns. How this looks like in practice you can read about the example of Fairmed. We are happy to help you with the conception and implementation of an automation!

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