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Since 1998, getunik has been active as a fundraising agency in the digital arena, providing sound strategic solutions, primarily in the field of online fundraising for national and international organisations. We feel at home in these areas and we can teach you a lot.

Digital fundraising

More and more donors are choosing to donate online. So it is now more important than ever for non-profit organisations to pursue online fundraising strategies.

Digital campaigning

It is easier to act quickly online than using conventional communication channels. Digital campaigning has become indispensable when addressing your target group.


Every challenge has a solution. We develop possible scenarios in workshops with our customers for each step of the digital transformation.


For us, analysis is the first step. Only carefully thought-out online fundraising projects enable our customers to become more efficient and competitive.


Our fundraising concepts and strategies combine the three aspects which are relevant for successful marketing in the digital age: Technology, data and processes.

Marketing Automation & Campaigns

Our senses are bombarded with information every day. The attention of target groups has become the most valuable asset for NPOs and companies. But how can you get it? Sending simple, aimless e-mails every once in a while isn’t really enough. Here is a selection of what we can help you implement.

Donor journeys

From initial awareness about a donation through to cementing donor bonds – your donors’ path and optimising the donation process, on- and offline, are always the focus of our fundraising agency.

Email marketing

Low delivery costs, high speed, multiple design possibilities and the ability to measure success – email marketing is an important pillar in online fundraising and non-profit marketing.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Whether through optimisation (SEO) or paid advertising (SEA), your website will be quickly found by your target group in a Google search using our SEM strategies.

Social media

It is also essential to address your supporters via social media. You can attract new donors or retain existing ones by communicating on these channels.

Display marketing

Your organisation should have a presence where your supporters are. By using display adverts you can do exactly that. This means that your target group sees exactly those adverts which apply to them.

Conversion optimisation

The more visitors to your website who become donors or supporters, the better. The correct key figure of this is the conversion rate. We can optimise this together with you.

Concept & design

With our many years of experience in the areas of user journeys, user experience, content strategy and information architecture, we turn your online presence a place that your target group will gladly (re)visit. Design is also in our blood and is an important, but also natural part of our work, from fundraising conception to go-live. Your digital strategies will stand out. That’s a promise.

Content & storytelling

Customers and, above all, patrons are attracted by stories which touch people, shake up and inspire. Tell us yours – we will tell them to the whole world wide web. And in a way that makes it click.

UX/interaction design

Looking good is not enough. This also applies to websites: Good design is not all that counts here, user-friendliness and clarity are our priorities. In short: Websites must inspire the users, otherwise they are gone. With us you can do that.

Landing pages & websites

You were found? That’s not enough. The goal of a website is to satisfy the visitor’s needs, generate a suitable stimulus for action, and get them to interact. With our solutions they do exactly that. 

Email templates

First impressions count. Emails can be the springboard for getting to your website or landing page. With well thought out email templates you are always ready to bring your message over to your prospects.

Display ads & banner

You can reach a large audience using banners. To make sure that they are clicked on as often as possible, we supply the right design for your target group.

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