Marketing Suite

Good strategies and concepts are no longer enough. They will only lead to success when paired with the right tools. In the getunik Marketing Suite you will find a comprehensive digital package for orchestrated fundraising across multiple channels, on- and offline. Our solutions stand out because of their user-friendliness, scalability and integration with your preferred systems.

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Digital Fundraising Kit

A professional website despite a small budget? No problem! The Digital Fundraising Kit offers intuitive content creation thanks to our easy-to-use WordPress website builder. A connection to donation tools and CRM interfaces as well as marketing automation tools is also simply realizable with the Digital Fundraising Kit. Build your way to digital fundraising success.


One tool for all channels. ActiveCampaign allows you to design automated and cross-channel donor journeys. Reach your target groups thanks to personalised communication, that increases your income and improves retention.

Petition tool

No more manual data imports, missing analytics data, and limited design options. 

Opt-in generator

What would happen if… 2 per cent of visitors to your website left their email addresses? Our Opt-in generator makes this possible.


Our focus is on simple operation and easy expansibility when designing a new website. That is why we use the leading open source CMS, WordPress, as the foundation for our website projects. Thanks to WordPress, you benefit from low implementation costs and an active community which is continually developing the system further.

Email marketing solution

Inxmail, MailChimp or Episerver: We have the right solution for your email marketing programme. 


Every customer has different expectations of our support. The appropriate arrangements regarding reaction time, hourly rate and communication channels are laid out in our service level agreements.

Digital Dashboard

Website traffic, Facebook fans, Email lists: Digital channels produce an enormous amount of data. With our dashboards you receive a central overview of your most important KPIs and also benchmarks from the NPO sector.

Donor page

Would you like to get going with online fundraising but do not have an optimised website? If you don’t have the resources for the relaunch, a donor page is the perfect solution. With our template your receive the perfect technical solution for designing appealing and converting landing pages for your marketing campaigns.