October 2018

Marketing Automation & Campaigns
FAIRMED – Fundraising campaign for Nepal
An automated journey to the “ends of the earth”

+ 10% realisation rate

When on a journey…

Donors are won over with stories that touch, shake up and inspire. Enthralling storytelling awakens an interest in the organisation, and is maintained by entertaining, surprising and attractively pre-prepared content. This creates enduring relationships with donors, which form the successful foundations of (Face-to-Face) fundraising.

Challenge – maintaining the emotional bond
A face-to-face donation campaign by the FAIRMED organisation (carried out by Corris) was designed to attract sponsors, one-off donors and interested parties. From earlier face-to-face campaigns, FAIRMED knew that a high number of regular donations was cancelled before the first direct debit, especially in the younger target group. The hypothesis was that between the contact at the information stand and the first direct debit interest in the issue and the emotional involvement created is lost.

Solution – conscious handling of the media break
In order to bridge the “communication void” between the initial contact through face-to-face fundraising at the information stand, and the direct debit, getunik has designed and implemented a tailored donor journey for donors and interested parties acquired at the information stand. The contact information is transferred using an interface directly after the conversation so a seamless transfer of information from the analogue to the digital world takes place. In a fully-automated, multimedia campaign, Nobina Dhital takes sponsors, one-off donors and interested parties on a virtual journey to the distant world of the Nepalese village of Lagarche.

“From a storytelling point of view, we were able to draw from the full.”

Alex Meier, Creative Director, getunik

Implementation – Convince people by means of authentic employee experiences
Nobina has been working in Nepal as a volunteer health worker for FAIRMED since the earthquake in 2015. She talks in interviews and reports about how she provides on-site healthcare for the poor. Nobina sends various stories and interviews about her health station, a mothers’ groups, and a self-help group for people with disabilities. The emotional bond with FAIRMED is strengthened, with the help of various landingpages, emails, text messages, images and videos. The campaign shows the on-site problems, creates closeness with the population of Nepal and presents FAIRMED projects on multiple channels using multimedia. At the end of the campaign, and therefore shortly before the direct debit is taken, the sponsors who have been won receive a postcard from Nobina as a thank-you for their support.

Effect – 10% increase in payment realisation and double email opening rates
An evaluation of the campaign showed a clear positive effect in comparison to reference campaigns. The number of initial payments realised was able to be increased by 10%, which strengthened the effect of the face-to-face fundraising campaign. Furthermore, the open rate for automation emails was almost double the benchmark value for FAIRMED’s regular newsletters. The readers do not only find the FAIRMED Nepal journey interesting, but it also enables them to cement their bond with the organisation.

“We are very happy with the campaign’s progress. A 10% increase in payment completion is a very good result.”

David Maurer, FAIRMED

getunik services

getunik was able to support FAIRMED in the following steps:

The journey starts from person to person
People are made aware of the fundraising campaign for the earthquake survivors in Nepal at the FAIRMED information stand using face-to-face fundraising. Anyone who shows an interest in making a spontaneous on-site donation or starting a regular donation is invited by the F2F-Promoter to start their journey with FAIRMED.

Marketing automation mechanism
The six-part journey takes donors and interested parties on a journey to Lagarche, Nepal. After the successful face-to-face fundraising, the journey starts by email and by various communication channels such as landing pages, text messages or postcards.

Storyboard with gripping stories
Great and gripping stories can be told using marketing automation. With cliffhangers at the end of each email to pique the curiosity, high click and open rates for the next email are almost guaranteed.

E-mails and landing page

Likeable heroine
People tell stories. The FAIRMED Nepal story is told by Nobina. She is a Social Mobilisator at FAIRMED. As a local, she is involved on site for the survivors of the Nepal earthquakes.

Text message

A text message now and then
A kind voice from offstage. Nobina contacts the travellers via text message. Another touchpoint which directs attention towards FAIRMED’s good causes and does so on an unexpected channel.

Postcard from Bart

The good old postcard
Who doesn’t like to get a postcard through their mail. At the end of the journey, Bart from FAIRMED Switzerland thanks the donors with an analogue greeting – Namaste!

FAIRMED – Health for the poorest
Our customer FAIRMED has set itself the goal that no one worldwide should suffer or die from a curable disease. Since 1959, they have been committed to helping neglected people in Africa and Asia who are threatened by disease and poverty.