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A new website for the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra with the whole shebang: new information architecture, new content structure, new emotional imagery, a user-friendly performance calendar with ticketing function, and a solid, CMS-based programming solution. It was a quick, cheerful project, which made our hearts beat faster.

Sporty timing
The programme for the new season set the work schedule for the new website: In six months, it would come out of the printing press. The website had to go live no later than then. Little time for a lot of work.

Plenty of events
The sticking point in terms of content was the performance calendar: How to present the programme and the numerous individual events so that every website visitor can find out quickly and intuitively where the music is playing?

Consolidating & coding
In order to provide an overview of the comprehensive, diverse programme, we created 11 colour-coded event categories so that every individual event can now be assigned a colour. Full-screen images also make accessing the programme more tempting.

“The six months of total creativity and inspirations have brought me a lot of joy. This is the fun of agency work. Thank you to the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.”

Stefan Schefer, Consultant Web Solutions, getunik ag

The homepage: Concentrating on substance.

We created focus and calm using streamlined navigation. Alongside the events, three further topics (portraits, education, sponsors & partners) form the cornerstones of the new website’s content.

Harmony between function & content
In general, we were very mindful of creating harmony between functional aspects and storytelling. Particular attention was paid to making content easy to find for different target groups.

A harmonious, well-orchestrated world of experiences for lovers of classical music.

LSO performance calendar

The challenge: How to present the numerous individual events so that people can find out quickly and intuitively where the music is playing?

Mobile with LSO homepage

Powerful imagery even on small devices.

Layout LSO layout

Layout variations provide rhythm.

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Stefan Neunhäuserer, Lead Marketing Automation & Integrations

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