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The Special Olympics organises competitions for people with a mental impairment and supports them in developing through sport. This work is funded exclusively through donations and sponsors. Cash flows which have only passed through offline channels to date are now going to have online channels available to them. A step which a lot of aid organisations, societies, organisations or companies find difficult.

Attracting new regular donors
getunik was also tasked with attracting new donors who will support the Special Olympics with a flexible but regular donation. According to the latest digital fundraising study from 2016, digital donations currently account for 2.8% of the total volume of donations. So how can website visitors be turned into donors?

“Aid organisations, societies, organisations or even companies mostly find it difficult to make the leap to digital donations.”

Gregor Nilsson, Partner, Managing Director, getunik ag

Computer with Special Olympics homepage

Using the getunik campaign template, donors can easily support projects.

Image of laptop with donation amount options

Show with effective examples what donations can do.

Dismantling hurdles
The online donation statistics may appear sobering, but for us they mean: The online donation potential is still huge! This is why we have developed a product which makes it easier for organisations to access digital fundraising: the getunik campaign template.

Telling stories
This modular template is constructed so that organisations can easily tell and customise the story of a project. Website visitors can then donate in an equally simple and playful way: In the case of the Special Olympics, regular donors can become a “Big Fan”, “Mini Fan” or “Free Fan” depending on the size of the contribution.

Stories generate emotions, emotions generate donor generosity.

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Nadia Francioso, Creative Concepter

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