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Improve retention and increase your income through personalised communication. With ActiveCampaign you can reach your target group with the right message, at the right time and on the right channel.

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A scalable solution

Digitisation presents fundraisers with new challenges daily. What is valid today is already over tomorrow. The demands on the software used are constantly changing, and it is difficult to assess which functions are needed now and which will be required in the future. With ActiveCampaign you do not have to choose between an e-bike and a Tesla. Thanks to three different packages, you can start small and unlock additional functions at any time without transition costs. From a pure email marketing solution through to marketing automation across multiple channels, we adapt our customers’ growing needs.

  • No retraining required

  • Integrations to third-party systems are maintained

  • Attractive pricing models for all kinds of organisations

Contact Manager

You can find all information about your contacts in the Contact Manager: Most of us are already familiar with core data, interest tags and subscriptions, from email marketing systems. ActiveCampaign goes much further, as you can track all interactions with your contacts in the Activity Feed. Email openings, clicks, websites visited, text messages sent, and even custom events which you define yourself. And last but not least… Thanks to deep data integrations, all information from online donation forms and shopping carts can be collected.

All of this information is collected in real time and is available for steering automations and creating target groups and segments. Of course, you can also synchronise the Contact Manager with your own CRM system so that you can meet your contacts’ wants and needs better.

  • Total digital footprint

  • Flexible data model

  • Access to all information for campaigns and automations

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Workflow Builder

If emails, text messages and letters are your instruments, then the workflow builder is your conductor. And you? You are the composer.

In ActiveCampaign you design your communication sequences using a clear and easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. You can design completely individual journeys from a multitude of triggers, conditions and campaigns. There are almost no limits to your creativity. And so that you never lose track: You can add personal notes at every stage of the journey and look at the automations map to see which automations are connected and how they mutually influence each other.

  • Full marketing strategy automation

  • Connecting external systems using webhooks

  • Large selection of conditions and paths

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Email Designer

Design appealing and effective email messages using the easy-to-use email designer. This means that you are not tied to rigid templates, but can integrate images, text, videos, sharing elements and much more into your emails and arrange them as required.

Once your have created your email, you can create highly personalised messages for each of your recipients from it. The conditional content feature allows you to deliver any content element to recipients who meet predefined conditions: A tiger picture for a tiger fan, a Malawi sponsorship for the African explorer or a 500 franc donation button for the major donor? With just a few clicks, you can turn mass advertising into personal messages that will not fail to make an impact.

  • Simple operation

  • Personalization of content and conditional content

  • Efficiency due to templates and saved content

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Integration with third-party systems

Whether donation forms or CRM, we know the software solutions that our customers use. And we know how to connect these most simply to ActiveCampaign. When integrating your third-party systems, we develop a data architecture with you that allows streamlined and efficient data exchange whilst simultaneously letting you react to interactions with your target group in real time. In doing this, we think ahead and ensure that the connections continue to function reliably later on.

  • All of the relevant information in the right place

  • Streamlined data exchange

  • Secure and reliable interfaces

Frequently asked questions

Marketing automation can be expensive and complex. But it does not have to be. With our entry-level package you are already part of it with a few francs or Euros per month. Contact us for a non-binding quote.

The answer is simple. You do not need your email marketing system any more. Because, with ActiveCampaign, you can not only create automations but also send out your newsletter.

ActiveCampaign can be operated without a connection to the CRM. However, important information required to control certain automations is missing. We therefore recommend trying to connect it to your CRM system, at least in the medium term. We would be happy to assist you in defining the interface architecture and finding suitable technical solutions for the data exchange.

No, getunik is an ActiveCampaign reseller. ActiveCampaign is one of the largest marketing automation platforms worldwide and occupies a top spot on all of the review platforms, such as Capterra and G2Crowd. However, we have the ability to customise ActiveCampaign so that the solution is even better tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Ronny Widmer, Customer Success Manager

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