The good old message in a bottle

At the “Inspire!17” digital fundraising congress in Zurich, getunik made potential customers aware of a brand new digital discipline using an analogue medium that is older than the hills: “automagic marketing”, also known as “marketing automation”.

inspire!17 in Zurich: getunik’s Marketing Suite is ready for boarding.

getunik is known for creating digital presences. We are good at it. But we can still do more, such as marketing automation – a wonderfully effective digital marketing approach which we offer through our “Marketing Suite”. As the name implies, marketing automation automates a company’s marketing activities. This means that potential customers are automatically supplied with different content which has been tailored to their needs, targeted individually, and are activated as a result. We think this is really good news. But how to deliver this message to our potential clients at ‘Inspire!17’? How to convince people about marketing automation? In short: How to generate leads?

Good old competition
As shown by the nostalgic message in a bottle, time-honoured competition can also achieve the desired result: (also) thanks to the attractive prize (an iPhone 8 64 GB) a lot of boarding passes ended up in our box.

The message in a bottle has hit home – and how: 50 per cent response rate; that means 50 leads generated. Emails in the following days reached a unique open rate of 66 per cent and a unique click rate of 43 per cent. And the journey is not yet over. With more automation, we can deliver more information about the topic to our travellers: personalised, orchestrated, real-time.

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“Nostalgia is good for you. The message in a bottle is a wonderful analogue medium for sending a personal message to someone.”

Nadia Francioso, Creative Concepter, getunik ag

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Our follow-up emails reached a
unique open rate of 66 per cent…


…and a unique click rate
of 43 percent.

Address, motivate, inform: our letter in a bottle has hit home.

Welcome on board getunik’s Marketing Suite!