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As much autonomy as possible and as unrestricted social participation as possible for people with disabilities – this is what Pro Infirmis campaigns for, and for this Pro Infirmis is dependent on donations. We were tasked with replacing the inconspicuous, unobtrusive “Donate” button on the Pro Infirmis website with a kind, generous and, of course, accessible donation project.

Setting up & incentivising
Potential donors are made aware of people with disabilities through authentic, positive stories. The message is at the heart of all of the stories: People with disabilities do not have an easy life, but it is just as worth living and as rich in prospects as the lives of those without disabilities – assuming that they get the specialised and financial support they require. Pro Infirmis had already done very good groundwork offline, and made a large stock of stories available, which we only had to draw attention to using attractive design and gripping storytelling.

“Seeing which stories lent themselves to Pro Infirmis’ donation project and which were less suited was very impressive.”

Alex Meier, Partner, Art Director, getunik ag

Pro Infirmis donation options
Online donations made easy – thanks to intuitive customer interfaces.
View of mobile with Pro Infirmis sponsorship page

Full mobile optimisation: we also include this in our definition of accessible web design.

Direct and individual
The stories are staged in such a way that it is easy to grasp what each person’s main problem is. A donation for this person can be made immediately with one click. This means that donors can choose whether they want to support them regularly or with a one-off donation. Thanks to the very user-friendly payment form developed by our sister company, RaiseNow, the donation process is fast and simple.

We programmed the donation project in accordance with the “Access for All” web design principles so that people with disabilities, whether sensory, physical or mental, also have as good access as possible. For example, we paid special attention to strong contrasts in order to optimise readability for severely disabled people. We also had to ensure that the website could be read by so-called screen readers and could be operated using the keyboard.

An accessible donation page in every sense of the word, which enriches the lives of those with and without disabilities.

Pro Infirmis layout

True stories from people with disabilities encourage people to donate.

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Stefan Neunhäuserer, Lead Marketing Automation & Integrations

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