5 steps to a successful campaign

Our creation process:
5 steps to a successful campaign

A good campaign is built by more than one person. The following actors make a good creation:

Five cartoon humans.

One step at a time:

Step 1


The first step is the description of the order. The signed offer as well as the written briefing serves as a basis. The briefing defines the framework of the content.

No job without briefing!

Skala zwischen emotional und rational, laut und leise, frech und brav.
Blöcke die bedeuten dass getunik über den Tellerrand schaut.

Step 2


In this early phase of the creation process, the rough direction of approach is given – the rough concept is created! 2 to 4 ideas are developed.

No details expected!

The concepters develop the ideas according to the briefing, but reserve the right to think outside the briefing.
This is the only way innovation can arise.

Think out of the box!

Step 3


Now we are approaching the fine concept. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.
The best idea is worked out. Now depth is required.

And the winner is …!

3 Cartoon Menschen die an einem Konzept arbeiten
Kartoons die eine Kampagne erstellen

Step 4


Everything is set. Everything is defined. Now we can finish the details (text and image) in all aspects.

Let it roll!

Step 5

Go Live

Now everything is ready for the launch. The measures will be implemented with the necessary tools, tested and then launched. The creation process is finished. Now the monitoring begins!

GoLive. GoHappy!

Cartoon Mensch der sich freut, dass die Kampagne live geht.

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Nadia Francioso, Creative Concepter

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