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Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) is fighting to protect our nature and environment – so that the planet Earth remains habitable for all of us. To do so the organisation is now focusing intensively on digital channels.

Digitalisation does not stop at fundraising – if you don’t keep keep up with the times, you risk being left behind, and this also applies to the fundraising market. Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e. V. (BUND) has also recognised this. We were tasked with accompanying and advising BUND in the course of redesigning and professionalising their digital fundraising.

The vision of generating a substantial amount of income from donations using online fundraising was formulated together with the client – and focuses on new donor acquisition, as well as developing first-time and one-off donors. The strategy specifically incorporates an integrated approach, meaning the extension of existing measures, the addition of new instruments, and the creation and optimisation of more unified work and structural processes within BUND.

Facebook ads which
encourage people to join.

The path to the goal
We formulated a pragmatic implementation plan for 2018 in collaboration with BUND. Alongside a lot of room for testing, this includes the optimisation of pre-existing measures such as email marketing and SEA, the optimisation of new channels such as display advertising, retargeting, lead generation, and the successful use of getunik’s opt-in generator.

The customer said,
“getunik offers a super portfolio of services: from the initial evaluation of the situation and goal formulation, through the strategies aligned with this, to the implementation of derivational measures. getunik is thus an ideal one-stop-agency for our needs, always trying to find stakeholder-orientated solutions, not shying away from detailed challenges, and acting as an extension of our team.”

Screenshot - BUND opt-in generator
Screenshot - BUND opt-in generator

Popups created with the getunik Optin Generator.
An A/B test shows which versions are more tempting.

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