More donations via digital and print mailings

More quality. More donations.

Day after day, countless (advertising) messages are pouring in on us. Already on the way to work we pass countless posters on buses, trains, advertising pillars, houses and billboards. As soon as we get on the subway, messages flicker across the small screens every second. If we then pull out our smartphones, we can hardly escape from content: News feeds, news, ads, email… We don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with all of these topics. Instead we select. We only read, watch or listen to what we are interested in. And we want good content!

But what is good content?

Good content is everything that educates, touches or informs the reader. Really good content offers all three!

So in order to get your donors to read your print mailings or e-mails and thus collect more donations with your mailings, you have to manage to combine these three things. Because only those who manage to reach and touch the donor can increase their donation income.

But how do I reach my donors?

Donors read your mailings when they know that they are interesting for them. With Marketing Automation, you can easily provide your donors with customized content and thus collect more donations with mailings. This way your supporters get the topics that interest them at the optimal time and in the way they prefer. Marketing Automation enables you to use print mailings in addition to target group-oriented e-mails. You can control these easily and directly from the automation and thus collect more donations with your mailings.

Increase the quality of your texts!

The most difficult step is done: The donor has opened your e-mail or print mailing. (Tip: When sending e-mails, make sure you use meaningful subjects and test them). Your donors are now ready to deal with their stories. If you want this to continue in the future, you should not disappoint him at this point. With the following checklist you can improve the quality of your content.

  1. Is the text emotional and stirring?
  2. Is the problem clear?
  3. Is the style of address personal?
  4. Does my text tell a story?
  5. Is there a reason for the call-to-action?
  6. Give concrete examples of what the different amounts of donations can achieve!
  7. Use short paragraphs and words!
  8. Avoid technical jargon!

If you offer the donor interesting content and prepare it linguistically well, you can increase your donation income. We would be happy to advise you on the subject of marketing automation and help you write e-mail series! Please contact us.