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Chances of Peer-to-Peer-Fundraising

In the future, those who are active in fundraising will (have to) increasingly deal with peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P). Since Facebook has made it possible for everyone to easily start their own fundraising campaign, peer-to-peer fundraising could become the “next big thing” in digital fundraising. That’ right! Because it offers a lot of new opportunities for organisations.

However, the principle of peer-to-peer fundraising is not new. In the USA and Great Britain, it is good practice to ask online for donations on specific occasions. The principle of peer-to-peer fundraising is also already familiar in Germany. Up to now, however, it has mainly been applied analogously, for example with the help of a donation box on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary or sporting event. The idea: instead of giving presents, the guests should donate. Or: An athlete runs a marathon for a good cause and asks relatives and friends to support his good cause. The collected donations will be donated to an organization that wants to support the analog fundraiser.

Create occasions. At the very latest, since Facebook has made it possible for everyone to become an online fundraiser themselves, digital peer-to-peer fundraising has also become socially acceptable in Germany. On various peer-to-peer platforms, people find and create occasions to call on their peer group to donate. The occasions can be sporting (marathon, tough mudder run), social (barbecue), political (demonstration), classic (birthday, wedding) or unusual, crazy and individual. Use this multiplier and give “your fundraisers” inspiration to find and create new events. Use the fact that people want to do good. Also use the fact that people want others to know that they are doing good!

Abstract thinking. You can also become creative yourself and create your own event. An example of excellent peer-to-peer fundraising is the so-called Movember, also known as No-Shave-November. The Challenge was created by the Movember Foundation, which aims to improve men’s health in a sustainable way. Today, around five million men (and women) worldwide abstain from shaving in order to raise awareness of prostate cancer and collect donations at the same time. This nice example shows that the event does not necessarily have to have a direct connection to the purpose of your organization to be successful.

Use your own platform. You have developed a creative idea for a fundraising event, or your fundraisers have found one for themselves? Then the P2P campaign can start. However, if this is done via Facebook, there is a risk that you have provided the occasion and the idea, but the money collected will go to another organisation. This also makes communication with the fundraisers and donors more difficult, as the data is not in your possession. In order to counteract this, you should offer your peer-to-peer activities by means of a donation platform on your own website. The market for the necessary software is large.

There are three things that determine whether your peer-to-peer fundraising with your own platform will be successful.

  1. Create/use as many (creative) events as possible.
  2. Your hobby fundraisers must know that they have the possibility to start a P2P campaign on your website.
  3. During the campaign a continuous, motivating speech is essential.

Improve communication. Increase revenues. The success of your peer-to-peer fundraising is directly dependent on your communication during the campaign. Show your fundraisers that you would like to support them in achieving their goals and congratulate them when they reach small milestones. No complex monitoring is necessary for this. Automated communication ensures that you never miss an opportunity to motivate your peer-to-peer fundraisers. Define triggers on which you want to send a message to your peer-to-peer fundraisers:
A week without donations? It’ time for a motivating message!
Half of the donation target has been reached? Congratulate your fundraiser!

Proof that communication has a direct influence on the amount of your donation income was provided by the automated communication for event-related donations by WWF Germany. With its help we have succeeded in increasing the income from donations for event-related donations by 96%. The average donation amount increased by 46%. You can find out more about the case here.

Take advantage of the willingness of people to do good. We would be happy to advise you!

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