July 2021

Digital Fundraising Kit
New website for in record time.

Launch of a completely new website within 14 days.

The gu Digital Fundraising Kit – the all-in-one NGO website toolkit

Many organizations know the predicament: a natural disaster such as an earthquake or weather extremes, political instability, and any kind of unrest that requires immediate support. But resources at organizations are usually limited. A fast, uncomplicated implementation of fundraising measures fails. We counteract this with the Digital Fundraising Kit (DFK): a website builder that enables organizations to launch a completely new NGO website within a short period of time – optimized for online fundraising and completely self-sufficient.

Challenges – Outdated NGO Website Systems Prevent Successful Online Fundraising went live with the 2013 flood disaster in Central Europe and even then made an important contribution as a signpost for those willing to donate. But 8 years after its launch, the website was not only technically outdated, but also of very limited use on mobile devices. But with such natural disasters, there is not only a lack of time, there is also a lack of resources to launch a new, functioning website in a timely manner that is attractive to the user and instils a feeling of trust.

Solution – gu DFK, a solid NGO website builder with easy connectivity options.

The “Digital Fundraising Kit” developed by getunik includes a website builder that is fully geared towards the needs of small organizations. The website can be made available within a short time due to the standardized toolkit system and the customer receives a WordPress-based website with design settings already adjusted to the organization. In addition, there are templates for important page types such as the homepage, donation pages or a project page – all of course based on best practices and many years of digital fundraising experience. In the case of, the donation system was deliberately not used. Donation income goes directly to the organizations shown on the website. That is of course also possible.

«Creating an NGO website is always a lot of work, but thanks to the solid wordpress introduction and groundwork, I had a clear understanding of the site and was able to focus on the content.»

Matthias Daberstiel, Fundraiser magazine, in charge of

Implementation – From briefing to content capture in two days

The setup of the system was completed in record time – in two days to be exact. Following the briefing, a WordPress-based NGO website was set up on the basis of the modular Website Builder of the Digital Fundraising Kit. Important pre-settings had already been made, the system is basically “Ready to Go Live”. To make content creation easier, getunik had created system-relevant pages (such as the 404 page) as well as exemplary content pages (project page, home page) as templates. Design settings (logo, fonts, colors, buttons, favicon) had also been made. Two days after the kick-off, a CMS user training session was held and the team was able to start directly with content creation. Thus, the website was brought to life within a very short time and could go live after only a few days.

Effect – A modern website with an eye-catching appearance

The main task of is to guarantee that only legitimate organizations collect donations on the NGO website. thus acts as a signpost and draws attention to the many different organizations that provide rapid assistance in the event of a disaster. Feedback on the new site in social networks and on industry-specific channels has been consistently positive. With the gu Digital Fundraising Kit, the team at FUNDRAISER magazine now has a tool with which they can quickly build professional information pages about organizations. And they can do this with a small budget and, thanks to the modular system, with just a few simple steps!

«With the Digital Fundraising Kit, even small organizations and associations like have the opportunity to easily implement attractive websites optimized for fundraising and thus sustainably increase their online fundraising success.»

Meike Sprankel, Customer Success Managerin, getunik


In these steps getunik could support

Websites and landing page builder
Digital Fundraising Kit is an all-in-one website builder based on WordPress. It allows you to easily, quickly and intuitively design your organization website and create campaign-related fundraising landing pages. There’s over 20 years of digital fundraising experience in this tool. Now you can benefit from these best practices. And this can be done already with a small budget.

Donation tools and CRM interfaces
DFK is not only a solid NGO website builder. Another big advantage is the ease of interfacing with other tools. CRM interfaces and donation tools like RaiseNow’s donation widget or marketing automation solutions like ActiveCampaign can be connected to the Fundraising Kit without any problems (More on CRM and marketing automation interface). So, what are you waiting for. Find out more about our DFK here!

Marketing Automation and Journeys
Our email marketing and marketing automation tool ActiveCampaign is directly connected to the website. This makes it easy to integrate new forms, track user behavior on the website, and sync donor data directly with the email marketing tool. This allows organizations to send personalized communications and it also helps to segment the users better. (Read more about Marketing Automation for NGOs). Based on the available data, automations can be created to make the organizations’ lives easier and provide users with a better experience. – an initiative of the Fundraiser magazine

As a specialist magazine for social marketing, donations and foundations, the Fundraiser Magazine team has a lot of experience with donation projects. The team ensures that only genuine, verified donation accounts and charitable organizations are given an exposure on

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