Whether due to an incorrectly entered credit card number or a technical error: 15% to 30%* of online donation transactions fail. This is literally lost money with which one could actually do good. To reduce this number, NPOs and NGOs can use the e-commerce feature of ActiveCampaign. Thanks to the getunik’s integration with donation forms, all the advantages of this functionality are available, including more precise automation and segmentation, as well as targeted targeting of donation dropouts.

Less Abandoned Carts

The Abandoned Cart option can not only be used to see who almost bought the expensive new shoes but changed their mind at the last moment. But NGOs can use it to systematically contact donation dropouts.

Übersicht aller Spenden von einer Person in ActiveCampaign

Through the integration one can automatically contact people whose donation has not made it to the organisation and help them to complete the donation. This increases the number of completed donations, which is a major goal of many NGOs. In addition, the donors feel more personally cared for and can enjoy an efficient donor service. If, depending on the amount donated and the product, you prefer to approach donor dropouts personally, it is possible, thanks to the e-commerce function, to automatically send a notification to an internal person who is responsible for this.  Through our customers we know that they want to avoid disturbing leads and donors unnecessarily. This can be achieved by setting up a workflow that checks before sending the e-mail whether a successful transaction has been received in the meantime. This way you can be sure that only those people who have not completed their donation will be contacted.

Screenshot von Spendenabbrecher*innen Automation

Closer to the donor Often the design of automated thank-you mails is limited, but the e-commerce function allows HTML design via WYSIWYG editor, where you can let your creativity run wild. With getunik’s integration to ActiveCampaign, fundraisers have access to all data from the transaction in the Marketing Automation platform. This allows you to individualise texts and images based on the donation. So you can not only thank Mrs. Smith for her donation, but also tell her that with her donation of 50€ she is making a valuable contribution to clean groundwater. The communication becomes even more personal and individualized, which leads to a stronger bond between donor and organization.

Individualized donor targeting
Through the integration, the data in ActiveCampaign is enriched with extremely relevant information for the design of communication. Since the integration can be linked to the donation widget used (e.g. from RaiseNow), any information about the donor is available in the ActiveCampaign Activity Feed immediately after the donation and is clearly documented.

Activity Feed in ActiveCampaign, in dem man Aktivitäten von einem Kontakt sieht.

With this information, you can create more effective automations and work with more precise segmentations. The integration allows you, for example, to trigger automations with a certain donation amount, or to approach contacts whose last donation was made a long time ago. In addition, the new data can be used to control the communication along the donor lifecycle in a more targeted manner and thus strengthen donor loyalty. All in all, this integration is the ideal tool to take communication with donors to the next level, thereby receiving more donations and ultimately helping NPOs to achieve their goals.

*Average of all NPOs supported by getunik

Ronny Widmer, Customer Success Manager

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