Unique Giving
Proposition [UGP]

Rethinking Marketing for NGOs

Marketing for a good cause requires a new concept
Strategic marketing is indispensable for NGOs as well. Nevertheless, caution is required, as not everything that promises success in traditional marketing also works in the NGO sector. Especially the USP approach (Unique Selling Proposition) is difficult to translate in this area. NGOs do not sell, they assist, they support, they promote, and most importantly: they remind us that a small contribution already makes a big difference. In short: they give. This is why getunik focuses on a slightly modified concept, we call it the Unique Giving Proposition (UGP).

«USP is dead –
long live the UGP!»

We are not abolishing the monarchy or the idea of the sovereignty of the unique selling proposition, but are giving it a new face. It is not about unique products, but about interpersonal relationships that can only be unique in every respect because they involve a relationship between people.

Unique Giving Proposition
Whereas the USP tries to create an interface between a particular product and a particular desire, the UGP tries to breathe new life into the relationship between the individual, society and nature. Translated from metaphysics into English, this means that we try to bring individual issues closer to potential donors and volunteers in an understandable and empathetic way. Own needs move to the background, and what makes us human comes to the foreground. But how do you appeal to these often neglected needs of our social self? This is where the unique dimension of the Unique Giving Proposition (UGP) comes into play. Uniqueness in this case is not only determined by creativity and innovation, but above all by factors such as empathy, solidarity and the desire for active participation.

Marketing for NGOs uncovers injustices, illustrates need, promotes knowledge and aims to generate at least passive sympathy, and in the best case manages to mobilise active helpers. It reveals destinies, informs about disasters and takes on responsibility. But it is not about pathos, information is communicated. The UGP helps to establish new contacts and strengthen individual interactions. In the end, those affected and those who help become collaborators, and individuals become a society again.

UGP at work
What this can look like in practice is shown in our case concerning the Monthly Giving of the Swiss Salvation Army. They have made it their goal to shed new light on the topic of homelessness with our help. With their monthly and unique donation program #StandByMe they communicate their Unique Giving Proposition in an emotional, vivid and cleverly thought-out way. #StandByMe is a unique monthly giving program that brings a new dimension to giving. Learn more about our Fundraising Innovation Case.


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