3 good reasons for Marketing Automation

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You do not yet rely on Marketing Automation? We will tell you three good reasons why you should change that as soon as possible:

1. You get the donors!

The automation enables you to reach your (potential) donors in the way the donors prefer. With its help, you determine the content, timing and channels of the messages your donors receive from you – of course perfectly tailored to their needs.

2. You save money and time!

After the one-off costs for a setup, automation helps you save money in the long run. Because every cent that you put into communication from now on will go to exactly where it can multiply. This applies to both online and offline communication. You also save valuable time. The automation runs by itself and, unlike with a newsletter, you don’t have to rack your brains every time.

3. You receive immediate feedback!

With the help of Marketing Automation you can see immediately how well your content is received by the donors. You can see if individual users read your content, who and how often they share it and if it has been forwarded. This makes it easy for you to determine how strongly users identify with your organization and thus increase your loyalty.

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