5 tips for more donations

How your donation income grows

The more donations the better. That’s for sure. The question is, how do you do it? We’re going to show you five ways to raise more money.

1. Actively involve new donors

If you would like to raise more donations, it is important that you do not wait weeks before contacting new donors again. It is better to involve them immediately in your communication. Send them a welcoming letter. Thank them for their donation and then provide them with continuous customized content. Pay attention to individual communication. So do not send a mailing to a first-time donor that is primarily aimed at long-term donors. Marketing Automation automatically provides the new donor with customized content.

2. Look after your donors

Let your supporters be a part of the successes and milestones of your projects. Send them regular updates and tell them how much is missing to reach the next milestone. In the best case, of course, again personalized and automated.

3. Indicate higher amounts on the donation form

Give your donors a pre-selection of donation amounts. Experience shows that the higher the amount you are given, the more supporters will give. Instead of 10, 25 and 65 Euros you can donate 80, 100 and 120 Euros. The fourth option is for donors to enter a desired amount. This amount will be higher if high amounts are preset.

4. Generate large donations

Analyze your database for donors who have already transferred four-digit amounts. Approach them directly. You can refer to specific projects when you make an acquisition. To find out which topic is of interest, take a look at previous donations, if they were project-related. If no project-related donations have been made so far, you can use Engagement Tracking to find out which content has aroused particular interest so far. Engagement Tracking allows you to see exactly how long the donor has been involved and which ones he or she was so interested in that he or she forwarded or shared them.

5. Rely on direct debits and standing orders

Regularly recurring donations allow you to better plan your budget. Many donors also find it easier to give several small amounts of money than to spend a large sum once. Be smart and use the convenience of your supporters: For a bank transfer the donor(s) must be active. Deleting the standing order or direct debit mandate for the donation to you also requires his or her action. Segment from your database the contacts who do not yet pay by direct debit or standing order, but donate regularly. If your Marketing Automation System is connected to your CRM, you can contact these donors via automation to offer a change of the payment method. Click here, to find out how that works.

Would you like to learn more about how you can increase your donation income? Then contact us. We are happy to advise you!

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