A smart cloud named Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud – your donor in 360° vision

Visitor, follower, subscriber, donor. These terms often refer to one and the same person. But how can fundraisers know which click in the newsletter, which page view on the website and which donation from the last mailing belong together? This is only possible if the relevant data is stored in a central location. That’s exactly what the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can do. As well as a whole lot more!

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The Cockpit with 1001 possibilities for your donor-centered digital fundraising!

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud encompasses several modules that unite all aspects of modern, donor-centered marketing in one platform. With Email Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Journey Builder and Einstein (AI Engine), content can be added to all digital channels and communication with donors can be orchestrated. The platform can be further expanded with modules from third-party providers. The Optilyz add-on is particularly interesting for nonprofits. It enables direct mails to be seamlessly integrated into automated donor journeys. Limitless applications for your organization. Unique experiences for your supporters.

Marketing automation and CRM – an unbeatable duo

To deliver a 100% consistent donor experience, Salesforce Marketing Cloud requires data from the CRM system. Successful donor journeys come to life only when a donor’s complete profile and a history of their relationship with the organization can be drawn upon. Organizations that already work with Salesforce CRM benefit from the particularly deep integration via Marketing Cloud Connect. For other systems such as SEXTANT and MS Dynamics 365, standardized interfaces to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud also exist or are in development. In order to organize the data, so-called data extensions are used. Herein lies one of the greatest strengths of the Marketing Cloud: the data extensions allow the data model of the platform to be configured to meet the needs of the organization.

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But there is a catch, right?

Yes and no! It is precisely the wide range of functions and its flexibility that distinguish the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Even the most complex journeys and lifecycle strategies can be implemented with it. At the same time, the countless possibilities also present challenges to users. Those unfamiliar with the tool – not knowing exactly where each function is –will quickly feel lost in the menus and multiple configuration options.

This is where implementation partners like getunik step in. As industry experts, we understand the needs of nonprofits and are very familiar with their use cases. Our experience enables us to support the optimal implementation of the platform and offer tried-and-tested solutions and packages. Thanks to these, our clients can get the most out of the technological possibilities the Marketing Cloud has to offer.

So, is Salesforce Marketing Cloud something for you?

Thanks to its flexibility and different editions, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can add value for almost all nonprofit organizations.  

Use this checklist to evaluate if  theMarketing Cloud is the right tool for your organization:

  • Your database contains at least 10,000 contacts with an e-mail address.
  • You have the ambition to implement automated donor journeys across all your fundraising channels.
  • Your goal is to manage all digital activities through one central platform now or within the next 2-3 years.
  • You have a decentralized structure and would like to combine your headquarters and several regional entities in one tool.
  • You have at least 1-2 people on your team who are skilled in using digital marketing tools.
  • You are already using the Salesforce CRM or other tools of the Salesforce platform or another CRM with a standardized interface (SEXTANT, MS Dynamics).

Those who already have a solid fundraising database can also calculate relatively easily whether and how quickly the investment in a new platform can be amortized. This is another area where an exchange with an experienced partner like getunik can be useful. Using our nonprofit benchmarks, we can quickly see which improvements are realistic and which resources are needed to achieve them. 

Whether you use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud or another tool: The future of fundraising is automated and integrates classic measures and channels perfectly into new, digital donor journeys. Using this tool, you are sure to succeed in taking the next step in your digital transformation. Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s 360-degree view of your supporters benefits all parties – your organization, your supporters, and most importantly, your commitment to people, animals, and environment.

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