5 SOS fundraising measures for Christmas

Effective and immediate fundraising

Christmas is just around the corner and you still need some ideas for fundraising activities for Christmas ? We have a few fundraising activities for Christmas that you can implement at short notice. We are sure there is something suitable for your organisation. And if you’re already looking for some inspiration for next year, we’ll show you how – with a little preparation – you can perfect them to make them even more successful. Have fun browsing and let us inspire you.

Fundraising activities for Christmas: Idea No. 1

Those who refuse, donate – Christmas Challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


A popular example of a successful fund-raising campaign that became very successful in a very short period of time is the “Ice Bucket Challenge” from 2014, which was launched by the ALS Association to raise awareness of the nerve disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The challenge was to pour a bucket of water over your head, donate ten dollars to the organization and nominate three or more friends to do the same. Those who were nominated but refused to pour a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads were asked to donate $100.

What could such a challenge look like for your organization? For example, you could create the Ugly Sweater Challenge. Dress up in your ugliest Christmas sweater, take a picture of yourself and post it on social networking sites. Nominate three people to match you or donate to your organization. You can keep the amounts small, so the overcoming is not so big and people are more willing to donate.

Fundraising activities for Christmas: Idea No. 2

Donations instead of gifts

Person die Geld zum Spenden in der Hand hält.

Have you already activated the donation button on your Facebook page? Great! Then ask your followers to start their own fundraising campaign for you. According to the motto “Donate instead of giving” Facebook users can create a fundraiser and call their community to donate for your organization. (Editor’s note: Unfortunately this tool is not available in Switzerland).

Tip for next year: If you have not yet activated the donation button, you should definitely consider this for your fundraising in the future. Unfortunately, activating this function requires some time and effort. We would be happy to support you in this.

Fundraising activities for Christmas: Idea No. 3

24 chances to collect donations – thanks to a digital advent calendar

Adventskalender: Fundraising-Maßnahmen zu Weihnachten

This promotion is especially worthwhile if your social media accounts have many followers. Create a social advent calendar and provide your followers with interesting and creative content and well-placed appeals for donations on 24 days. You can choose whether you want to tell a story over 24 days or present users with a new small and exciting story every day.

You don’t have any suitable content available at the moment? We would be happy to support you in the area of storytelling and content production.

Fundraising activities for Christmas: Idea No. 4

Give joy with a postcard

Adventskalender: Fundraising-Maßnahmen zu Weihnachten

You didn’t have time for an elaborate Christmas mailing this year? No problem. Thank your donors with a simple postcard and take the opportunity to ask them for their support in the coming year. The experience of holding a card in your hand gives joy and increases the willingness to donate.

Tip for next year: Plan your Christmas mailing for next year in the long term and get the most out of your mailing campaign. Thanks to Marketing Automation, you have the option of designing it digitally and supplementing it with analogue measures such as sending a postcard. Do you need support with the concept, set-up or content? We are happy to support you!

Fundraising activities for Christmas: Idea No. 5

Be present – face-to-face fundraising at the Christmas market

Face-2-Face: Fundraising-Maßnahmen zu Weihnachten

Nothing brings more people to donate than sharing the passion you have for your projects. Rent a booth at the Christmas market at the most favourable price and arouse the interest of potential new donors* in your work. How professional and elaborate you make it all depends entirely on your budget and time resources.

Tip for next year: Thanks to professional face-to-face fundraising tools you have the possibility to send new leads to an exciting journey. With the help of interest tagging and marketing automation, it is possible to provide the target group with the right content on the right channel, thus creating long-term loyalty to your organisation. We would be happy to advise you on this.

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